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Fabrication Services

Turning Concepts Into Reality:
Custom Fabrication for Unconventional Challenges

At Newton, Lund, and Associates, we understand that not all problems can be solved with off-the-shelf solutions. When your requirements are unique, we step in with our specialized prototype fabrication and design services to create the equipment you need.

We thrive on our customers' special requirements to design and fabricate equipment or devices for unique applications. At NLA, we accompany you throughout the development journey, collaborating with you on the fabrication of these one-of-a-kind devices.

With a rich history of crafting bespoke items for the medical, aerospace, and industrial communities, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, and innovative engineering solutions. Whether it's for medical devices or special, automated test equipment (STE, ATE), our expertise ensures the finest output for our customers.

While we continue to build out our in-house fabrication capabilities, we're partnering with top-tier fabrication shops to turn your designs into reality. We carefully select our outsourcing partners to ensure the highest quality results for your projects.

At NLA, we transform your unique needs into tangible solutions, bringing your vision to life through expert fabrication services.

Like our work but don't see your specific need? Get in touch with us.

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