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Engineering Services

Mastering Complexities to Accelerate Your Success

Design & Analysis

Leveraging advanced methodologies, industry best practices, and decades of experience, our team provides cutting-edge design and thorough analysis, propelling your projects from initial concept to optimized reality.



Masterfully blending technology and creativity, our team delivers high-quality CAD, transforming your ideas into detailed and precise digital blueprints.  We are able to work collaboratively with your projects leads or independently to manage CAD, drawing, and build instruction creation and revisions.

Electrical Schematic.png

Electrical & Controls

From tackling high-power electrical projects to devising low-voltage controls and bespoke designs, we've got your electrical and controls challenges covered.


Trade Studies + Logistics

Strategically analyzing options and orchestrating logistics, our team conducts comprehensive trade studies to ensure your projects run smoothly and effectively from start to finish.

Fluid PID 1.png

Fluid Systems 

With a wealth of expertise spanning cryogenics, hydraulics, fluid power, and compressible flow, our teams excel at developing intricate systems for a diverse range of industries.

Systems Integration.png

System Integration

Bridging gaps and creating cohesive systems, our team excels at integrating disparate elements into seamless fully-functional solutions that bolster performance and efficiency.

Benefiting from a vast professional network and deep industry connections, we excel at assembling the most qualified teams to meet the unique demands of each project.

At Newton, Lund, and Associates, we offer a robust suite of engineering services, underpinned by our unwavering commitment to design excellence, comprehensive analysis, and innovation. Our expertise spans mechanical, electrical, and fluid systems, ensuring we deliver solutions that are both sophisticated and practical.

Our proficient engineers are particularly adept at computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis. This expertise enables us to conduct exhaustive structural, thermal, and fluid flow analyses, leading to enhanced component and structure performance and durability.

Over the years, we have successfully designed and developed an array of products for various sectors. For our industrial clients, we've created bespoke control systems to streamline factory processes. In the aerospace industry, we have crafted both flight and ground support equipment, enhancing safety and efficiency. For the medical sector, we've been instrumental in developing medical devices, specialized test equipment, and automated systems, expediting product development and FDA approval processes.

Our reach extends beyond our in-house talent. At NLA, we're deeply interconnected within the engineering community, enabling us to tap into a vast network of professionals. This means we can assemble the right team for every project, ensuring you benefit from the most appropriate skills and expertise.

Our engineering services also encompass fluid systems, schematics, electrical and controls, mechanical, structural, and CAD design services. At every step, we aim to deliver solutions that not only meet your immediate needs but also anticipate future challenges and opportunities.

At NLA, we're more than just your engineering service provider; we're your partner in driving your projects forward and achieving your goals.

Like our work but don't see your specific need? Get in touch with us.

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