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Construction Services

Mastering Complex Construction: Where Precision Meets Expertise

At Newton, Lund, and Associates, we excel in transforming complex and challenging construction projects into triumphs of engineering. We aim to seamlessly integrate with your team, providing invaluable expertise to your new construction ventures. Our comprehensive services span the entire project lifecycle - from pre-construction planning to on-site project management.

Pre-Construction Services

Our proactive approach in pre-construction involves strategic project planning, defining the project scope, creating realistic schedules, and accurate cost estimation. We assist in crafting RFQs/RFPs, identifying suitable contractors, facilitating project bidding, leveling bids, and refining contract negotiations to ensure a robust foundation for your project.

On-Site Construction Management

Once construction commences, our collaboration intensifies. We remain a trusted partner, offering on-site construction management services encompassing project engineering, project management, quality assurance, and project controls. Our consistent presence on-site ensures smooth execution and adherence to project specifications.

Owner's Representative Services

For clients who prefer a more hands-off approach or operate remotely, we extend our services to act as your owner's representative. With NLA overseeing day-to-day construction management, you can focus on your core business operations. Rest assured, we maintain an open line of communication, providing regular updates to keep you as involved as if you were on-site with us.

At NLA, we embrace the unique and complex, channeling our expertise into delivering superior construction services. Allow us to carry your construction challenges to a successful conclusion.

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